TIPM Media is a consultancy service for authors and publishers. One-on-one consultations are provided by publishing consultant, editor, author and journalist Mick Rooney. Conducted online in half and full hour sessions, Mick can provide thorough industry and writing advice for authors entering the book publishing marketplace for the first time or already established authors. Mick also works with commercial and independent publishers on various short and long term work projects.

Aquarius Communications was founded in 1990 and it is a niche publisher for daring and experimental fiction. We are highly selective about the books we take on and publish. All work is carried out in-house, bar editorial tasks, and our print runs are small. However, unlike other small, niche publishers, we do have full global distribution partners for all our titles. All our books are published in hardback and e-book editions (Mobi and ePub), and dependent on sales, will later be published in a paperback edition We do not support author advances, although we do offer a royalty rate of 60/40 on net sales (after trade discounts and wholesale print costs). We are open to unsolicited manuscript submissions (via email only) for a period of three months every year. We will advise when we are open for submissions. Work sent to us outside of our submission period will not be considered for publication. Submission of new work is closed at this time.

The Independent Publishing Magazine is a free online publication and was founded in 2007. The magazine provides essential information, resources and reviews of service providers in the publishing industry. In the beginning our exclusive focus was exclusively on self-publishing and POD (Print-on-demand) technology. However, over the past few years, with the increasing and rapid changes in the industry, TIPM also focuses on the wider issue facing the industry, now and in the coming years.

The Independent Publishing Magazine tries to educate and demonstrate an objective view on global publishing from the perspective of authors looking at publishing books outside of mainstream channels. TIPM review all paid-publishing services offered by publishing service providers, printers, and more recently, paid-publishing services from large publishing houses like HarperCollins/Thomas Nelson, Penguin, Simon & Schuster and Harlequin.

The magazine provides articles on the changing word of publishing, with a particular focus on digital publishing and the latest innovations and models of business operating in the industry. Our readership includes independent authors and small publishers alike.

The Independent Publishing Magazine attends major publishing trade shows and writing events internationally.