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Website serves informational intermediary between the press officer, specialists in PR (public relations), interested in the dissemination of press releases on the activities of the companies and the media. How it works: you place your press release, and our thousands of subscribers receiving it by e-mail. Or do you subscribe to receive information on a specific topic and receive regular official press releases of the leading companies.

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Social Media Toolkit

In most cases, joining a social network – it’s synonymous with the name of all the social media in general – is not difficult even for a beginner internet user. As a rule, the organizers of a developing network registration tools just with the expectation that the initial registration is straightforward.

However, with the growing popularity of social networks of their creators are forced to introduce remedies, for example, the automatic registration. Mainly used by different mechanisms Captcha. Robots can not get around them, and for people filling out forms Captcha quite uncomplicated. This is, perhaps, the only complication encountered strangers to one or another social network. Continue reading

Back Cover Copy

The book still remains the best friend of man. I’m sure that the writers and. How are also readers. And besides fiction have textbooks, reference books and other publications, which should be kept at hand, and in general are often used. That book had served longer as possible, it is necessary to take care of the cover, in which the book must be wrapped. Of course, there are ready-made covers, vinyl, leather, etc., but with all this make a paper cover for the book easier than usual.

Lock and comfortable cover of the paper that eventually your cover will be just under the size and thickness of your book, while ready-covers can be too small, or vice versa significant.

For the production of the cover take heavy paper, density means sturdiness. I propose to use for the cover of the remnants of wallpaper. Wallpapers are of considerable density and strength, and if the draft does not call for their rejection as a book cover, the result will be what you need!


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