Mick Rooney provides online consultations for authors and publishers.


  • Have you just completed your first book and are unsure of what your next step should be?
  • Have you spent days or weeks thumbing through writing and publishing guides and still feel overwhelmed by it all?
  • Have you spent months examining the baffling array of self-publishing providers and information on self-publishing to a point of overload and indecision?
  • Are you a traditionally published author considering a move to self-publishing but don’t know where to start?
  • Are you an author with a great book but absolutely no marketing plan?

Sometimes just one hour with a publishing consultant can help answer your many questions and dispel much of your trepidation. Mick Rooney has years of consulting experience and is here to help.

Mick self-published his first book in 1990 at a time when there was no such thing as Print-on-Demand or social media. While he’s continued to self-publish over the years, some of his books have also been traditionally published.

Apart from his role as Editor-in-Chief at The Independent Publishing Magazine, Mick is also a publishing consultant and author. Over many years he has helped new and seasoned authors get their manuscripts from simple word processing files to professionally published books, advised and assisted them on marketing and promotional tools, and helped them learn how to build a brand and author platform. He has also worked on business projects with small independent publishers and self-publishing service providers.

What Mick Can Do For You:

  • Explain what self-publishing is and how it can best work for authors.
  • Assess authors’ skill and tool sets and advise them on which parts of their publishing project they can take on and the services they may need to contract out.
  • Advise and help authors choose a self-publishing service that is right for them without falling into the perils of vanity presses and scam companies (there are many out there!).
  • Advise and help authors set themselves up as an author-publisher with their own ISBNs and publishing imprint.
  • Help authors plan a marketing and promotional strategy for their book.
  • Conduct a full author and social media audit (including their blog and author website) and report back as to what they are doing well and what they need to change/improve to take their career and books to the next level.

Small Publishers & Self-Publishing Service Providers
  • Advise and help providers or publishers with specific development projects and strategies.
  • Carry out online and social media audits of publishers and the services they offer, and provide a report.
  • Advise publishers and providers on how to make their services more author-friendly.
  • Evaluate and report on the company’s publishing services as they currently stand and suggest areas of improvement.

What Mick Does Not Do:

  • Edit or proofread books.
  • Read entire books and provide a critique of them. Authors will typically be asked to supply a short sample of their work before a consultation, and may be asked for more than a sample if it is relevant to the consultation.
  • Format print or eBooks.
  • Represent authors during a legal dispute with their previous publisher/self-publishing service provider.
  • Conduct face-to-face, walk-in consultations. If Mick is attending or speaking at a conference that an author knows they will also be present at, it might be possible to arrange a face-to-face consultation. Conferences and events he is attending are typically flagged through The Independent Publishing Magazine.
  • Conduct consultations via email. If an author is seeking general self-publishing advice or resources, we encourage them to visit the Author Resources section of The Independent Publishing Magazine.

Consultation Details & Process

Consultations are typically conducted via Skype or Google Chat, and can be purchased in 30 minute or one hour segments. Consultations cost $100 for 30 minutes and $200 for one hour. (Payment must be made prior to the agreed consultation date and time.)

Clients are required to complete a consultation form prior to their consultations. If you fill out the initial query form below, Mick will email the consultation questionnaire to you for completion.

Project Work For Publishers

Please contact Mick directly for quotes on project and strategy work.